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The Revenge Body host has tried to distance herself from the former basketball player, 36, who is back to partying after nearly dying of an overdose last fall.Travis Kelce says he's REALLY dating one of the women he met on his reality dating show -- but had to weed out the fame-hungry thots before he could find his special lady. and he's still dating her right now (even though the cameras stopped rolling).Oldest modern human remains are two skulls found in Ethiopia that date to this period.Average human brain volume is 1350 cm Mitochondrial Eve, the direct ancestor to all living people today, may have been living in Africa Humans possibly capable of speech.After finding out that Tristan had been posing as Maya all along, and that she knew, Cam angrily told both of them that he will never be friends with either of them when they hoped they could start over.However, Maya and Cam return to speaking terms again as shown in Say It Ain't So (1) and develop a friendship together.Campbell Saunders and Maya Matlin first met in Gives You Hell (1).

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Similar brain capacity to modern humans Earliest evidence of purpose-built shelters – wooden huts – are known from sites near Chichibu, Japan Early humans begin to hunt with spears Oldest surviving early human footprints are left by three people who scrambled down the slopes of a volcano in Italy First complex stone blades and grinding stones Neanderthals appear and are found across Europe, from Britain in the west to Iran in the east, until they become extinct with the advent of modern humans 28,000 years ago Our own species Homo sapiens appears on the scene – and shortly after begins to migrate across Asia and Europe.

First primitive primates evolve First gorillas evolve.

Later, chimp and human lineages diverge Orrorin tugenensis, oldest human ancestor thought to have walked on two legs Ardipithecus, early “proto-human” shares traits with chimps and gorillas, and is forest-dwelling -, but walk upright on two legs.

This friendship gradually blossoms into a romance towards the end of the first half of Season 12.

Despite dealing with many obstacles, including a messy love triangle with Zig and Maya's annoyance with his lack of physical/verbal affection, the two overcame them and were happily a couple, completely in love.