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I hope God will make you a wonderful actress who will be able to shine and be a star.. pls comeback with a great drama tho, i had to admit that your drama warm and cozy was a little bit boring and my lawyer mr jo also boring, iam not so into it. along with they had to end it early since teuk had to go fo military service since it is mandatory to be enrooled between the age of 28 and 30.

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“It seems like she annoys him more than anything lately because she is not the same girl that he fell for,” the insider said.

“Lately it’s always just seemed like the ‘Kylie Show’ guest starring Tyga and it looks like he couldn’t take that anymore!

His only reason for coming to Coachella was to keep an eye on Jenner and then he hears about potential relationship rumors with Travis — it completely destroyed him, the source shares. Tyga is trying to stay busy and act like he’s having the time of his life at the festival, but he’s secretly checking her social media all the time,” the insider gushes.

“Tyga won’t admit it, but his friends think it’s obvious he wants to get back together with her.

He can’t stand the thought of her being with anyone else, so the fact that she’s been hanging out with Travis is driving him nuts.” Having already hoped that he would have reconciled with Kylie by now, Tyga has yet to hear back from his ex-girlfriend, who has made it no secret on her social media accounts that she’s having the time of her life being single again.

Tyga took his mom and a model to Mother's Day lunch ... We're told Kylie was bent out of shape that Tyga had the nerve to go to the Met Ball.

They were both at the gala, but they did not walk the red carpet together, and that was her decision. everyone's being tight-lipped, but we do know this.