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Who is miranda july dating

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Her divorce was finalized in July, but is Miranda Lambert finally moving on with a new romance?

Before we go any further, let me just say: Nothing has been officially confirmed by Lambert or her team, but are reporting that the 32 year-old star has been dating Americana/R&B singer Anderson East, 27, for about a month.

In addition to her own films and videos, July scored a story credit on Wayne Wang's The Center Of The World and appeared in the cult favorite Jesus' Son. The Onion: So if someone on an airplane was to sit down next to you and ask "What do you do? Miranda July: It's funny, because I've been on an airplane and have been very brief about that.

Right now, it's so convenient to just say, "I'm a director," because everyone knows what that is. I perform," and then they're like, "Oh, so you're a dancer? " And I'm like, "No, I do these multimedia performances, and it's kind of like a play, but I'm all the characters, but it's like a movie because there's video in it." Then I say, "But I also make short movies, and I also write short stories and do radio pieces." By that point, they're intrigued.

The project was produced by Dave Cobb, who has received critical acclaim for his work with Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton, among others.

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It doesn’t mean you don’t love your boyfriend or whatever. ” Thanks, Miranda July, for this amazing definition of feminism: it’s about women getting stuff done. In other words, if you want to tell your friend that you miss her, you can find a reliable stranger near her on a map, send your message to that stranger, and then that stranger will deliver your message on your behalf in person.You can also take your own turn at being the messenger.It’s just like texting except you basically get to turn strangers into carrier pigeons and be one yourself.Ever wished a stranger could break up with someone for you?Ever needed to tell your platonic friend that you're completely in love with them but can't bring yourself to do it?It is risky fiction: hilarious, dark, uncomfortable, and so accurate in mapping the way fantasies can overtake life that it's also one of the most honest character studies I've read in a long time.