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Updating columns with the rowguidcol property is not allowed

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For example, you can define a valid range of salaries for a subset of employees for an attribute called Salary. For more information, see Ensuring Consistent Domain Definitions Using User Datatypes.If you define your entities carefully, then defining attributes should be relatively straightforward.When you first add attributes to an entity, be sure to name your attributes appropriately.Attributes can be native to an entity or inherited via an identifying or non-identifying relationship.For information on attribute naming rules and conventions, see Best Practices.

Scripting the replication configuration is a key part of any disaster recovery plan for a replication topology.When FILESTREAM is specified for a column, the table must also have a column of the uniqueidentifier data type that has the ROWGUIDCOL attribute.This column must not allow null values and must have either a UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY single-column constraint.Attribute definitions together with relationships can determine or enforce business rules.You can define a particular set of valid values for any attribute of any entity.Where this becomes an even bigger issue though, is when you tear down a publication.