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We have contacted various bloggers, writers, etc throughout the U. who have some ties to Harding or have previously written about Harding in any way and are asking them to consider writing a blog post (or any other sort of mention) about the zine on either Wednesday night after 9pm or anytime on Thursday. The report presents a detailed snapshot of our progress through the lens of KIPP’s Six Essential Questions—a set of questions used by the national KIPP network that help us measure progress, keep us focused as we grow, and guide us in helping our students’ futures shine brighter.Tentative plans are for the newly acquired buildings in Helena and Blytheville to house elementary students. The excitement begins on February 20 with the annual Beyond Z gala in Blytheville. Our students’ hard work, coupled with your support, is making that climb possible.Gone are the days of explaining what a podcast is: The arrival of money to the form and a continued increase in listeners has led to another banner year and the premiere of hundreds of shows to suit any listener’s audio preferences.The hurt is still there—sometimes for everyone, sometimes for just one person who can’t let something go (like the time a man named Gregor lent the then-unknown musician Moby a collection of CDs that were never returned).Control freak: This woman is dominant and wants to show that she's the supreme being. This kind of girl will fleece you to no end and successfully make you fodder for 'from riches to rag' story!YOU can help us bring these school buildings back to life by These new facilities are clearly game-changers for our schools and for the communities we serve. Held at Blytheville’s Holiday Inn, the event will feature student performances, a delicious dinner, and the annual Beyond Z awards. is a chance for you to join other friends and supporters at Phillips Community College Fine Arts Center for a delightful evening featuring “little bites” prepared by chefs traveling from Little Rock, Memphis, and Mississippi eateries. KIPP Delta is a place where you can leverage your skills, knowledge, and character strengths to help prove what is possible in public education—that a college degree and a life of value, joy, and integrity are within reach for every student.KIPP Delta will be able to serve more students, improve the quality of services provided, and build long-term regional infrastructure. Talk to your children about dating, relationships, and even sex. As a guest, you will also take home a unique gift as a thank-you for your support. You and other attendees will be treated to special student performances and bring home a unique gift designed especially for you. We are looking for educators with the motivation, drive, compassion, and commitment to ensure ALL students reach their full potential.

explores the tricky business of redemption and estrangement by starting with the premise that to make something right, you have to first get over the idea that someone is at fault.

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Interesting reading has arrived: At this attachment, you'll find a "zine" described as containing perspectives from current and former gay and lesbian students at Harding University. Harding, the Church of Christ institution in Searcy, hews to church teaching on homosexuality (disapproving) and participants say they have written anonymously for fear of fallout. But news began leaking out and the site was activated.

As the website said: "It is part storytelling, part religious and political critique, and partly a manifesto of hope for Harding’s future." Take a look. UPDATE: The group moved up activation of its website. Not long afterward, access to it was blocked at Harding.