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Tara was turned into a vampire during the series' fifth season, but, since childhood, she has been telepathic half-fae Sookie Stackhouse's best friend.

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She snuck on set and started doing little manual things like putting Cokes in the cooler. When we did the sex stuff, it's always kind of a little bit tense and people get shy — but then one of the other of them would giggle, and it was all OK, and it wasn't tense anymore. I was watching again last night: When he spanks her, she giggles a little bit." 5. "Sex scenes are always closed set, which just means you're down to the minimum number of people in the room.

Finally somebody started a conversation with her, and something seemed weird, and we discovered that she was a spy for a fan Twitter."2. And since the camera's on a big crane, you remotely control it, so even the camera operator is not in the room.

And sometimes even an airbag or condom can't provide safety. It has continued ever since with my partner who I met during a national tour of "Annie" (o.k. Now why, you may be pondering, am I writing here about a sometimes salacious subject when this column is about acting and casting?

First of all, in full disclosure, I must admit that I am not unblemished when it comes to my past sex life (no comment on the present). No holier-than-thou-evangelical-Prop 8-bedroom-interference. Because relationships -- especially intimate, when mingled with business -- matter.

It should also be distinguished from nudity in film, though nudity can be presented in a sexualized context.

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Here, director James Foley shares some behind-the-scenes highlights:1. Although, I did hear a story about a woman who lied and said she was a PA. When you go to edit, you can't see everything [as an audience might]. Then you screen it for an audience and it kind of lags in places, so you say, 'Oh, why did I leave that in there? I think that comes from the time they spent on the [first] publicity tour, after doing the movie. And they found out that they make each other laugh. But in this case, they were the best experience I ever had.

Love scenes, erotic or not, have been presented in films since the silent era of cinematography.

Love scenes have been presented in many genres of film; while in other genres, sexuality is rarely depicted.

Before she can answer, Barry, our party’s host and owner of the yacht, “My Surprise” appears at my elbow. Tina included.” “I’d love to, of course.” Tina smiles back.

Barry, Tina and I weave through a boat deck of drinkers and dancers to take the four steps down into the yacht’s stateroom. I was told she was very sick when I came home from school, but do you never see them, again? ” ”Bette, you’ve never told me any of this past you coming home from school.” Tina’s voice softer, comforting me.