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Upon his coronation, he claimed for himself the titles of "Emperor Haile Selassie (Power of the Trinity) I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God and King of the Kings of Ethiopia" (Ethiopia and Haile Selassie, Peter Schwab, editor, p. After the crowning of Selassie and the apparent fulfillment of the millennial expectations of Marcus Garvey, the Rastafarian movement gained a following and officially began in 1930 (The Rastafarians, p. One of its early leaders was Leonard Howell, who in 1933 was "arrested by the Jamaican government for preaching a revolutionary doctrine" (The Perennial Dictionary of World Religions, Keith Crim, editor, p. While Howell's doctrines [which will be noted later] helped shape the theology of the movement, his arrest helped shape the movement's organizational structure.