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Hello, I had very strong relationship with a muslim were very much and deep in love and decided to relationship was 1 year long but we knew each other from 3 the begining it was long distance and after that i went to live with we started to talk about refused our kids to choose their faith when they are big enough and he refused to be brought up with both said they have to be only big fights started,he started to impose me a lot of things - how exactly they have to be brought up - without drinking pepsi,watching TV,playing video games,that they have to drink only milk and he has a lot of beliefs from early childhood.i said ok i dont mind quran to be discussed and showed,im even open about it and the children have to know about it because its part of you,but dont you think that im a person too and have also my beliefs.after that he said he want to break up (after 2 weeks fights) and he couldnt accept my point of view.i wonder if love is so deep, people are ready to make compromises,i gave up so many things because of his beliefs and he just went all muslims like this,why they start christian relationships wityhout beeing ready to accept the other 41 male muslim. PURE NATURAL REPRODUCTION ONLY HAPPENS BETWEEN 1 MAN AND 1 WOMEN.
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