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Reply-to: On a good note, the players were made available to the media after practice today & there are a few clips of JJ floating around. When JJ said that, you had to know immediately that he was turning on BS JJ knowing that most people don't care enough about her to check out his story. Two interviews, a get to know type where she talks about her eye situation and the 4th video is the radio interview of her confirming she is dating JJ! Reply-to: Don't forget that she didn't have to pay a dime for her Frankenstein makeover! Mommy and daddy then off to a free ride at college and then living off of Brian's earnings. The only "giving back to the community" that Kealia seems to do is when it's a mandatory charity appearance for the Dash OR when when she tags along with Megan to a "charity" cocktail party or fashion show. A tenacious, energetic, and hard-working player, she also is known for her control, technique, and passing accuracy, and is capable of aiding her team both defensively and offensively, due to her stamina, strength, and tackling, as well as her ability to get into good attacking positions, and either score goals or create chances for teammates.