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The music of Paramore was originally supposed to come out on Atlantic Records, but the label's marketing department decided it would be better for the image of the band to not have them attached to a huge label.

They instead released their music through a "cooler" niche label, Fueled by Ramen.

We found out that they had been meeting with record label executives all morning without us, which is totally weird given that this wasn't simply a solo artist, but we were a band," Farro writes. After many meetings between Hayley, her manager and the labels they decided to sign her to Atlantic Records.

Above, the newlyweds pose in front of the Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tenn.I did not think Hayley's version told the whole story, at least from our perspective and hopefully this will explain a bit about why we are leaving." Farro then proceeds to take countless shots at the band, calling Paramore "a manufactured product of a major label," and accusing frontwoman Hayley Williams of not only being manipulated by her management, but also of treating the group as her solo project.He claims that Williams is the only member of the band signed to Atlantic Records, and that her bandmates were simply "riding on the coattails of 'Hayley's dream.' " "Hayley's manager would tell the band to be in the lobby of the hotel at a certain time, but he and Hayley wouldn't show for hours.Young helped UNC to six shutouts, which ranked sixth in the nation, and to advance to the ACC and NCAA finals.Nauck powered the Blue Hens to the NCAA championship while leading the nation in scoring."He is a true racer who has always exhibited a will to win and an intense passion for speed.