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An unknown evil being who plans to sacrifice the children of New Orleans, including Hope (Summer Fontana).

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Try to think of your relationship, are you feeling the love or are you only giving?The love is not and would never be returned since they do not feel the same way about you.These repressed negative emotions may than appear in your dreams as anger.For some reason, almost everything we see in our dreams is encoded in symbols.So going back to the practice of explaining symbols in your dream as you would to a child from the previous post, do the same thing for the person.Describe their character, their personality, their relationship to you.Although, you have broken up, yet he is on your mind all the time.The fact that you were stressed because your ex is dating another girl shows that you still carry emotions for your ex.

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So many people say “I dreamt of this guy/girl at work, I dreamed about an old friend/relative/lover etc. ” Even strangers we barely know, people we have noticed for only a fleeting moment at the shop, on the train, passing by on the street, all can make guest appearances in your nightly imaginings. The first thing to get clear is that dreaming of these people is not wish fulfilment (no you don’t really want to “have sex with/kill/insert other bizzare action” with these people.) Despite the sniggers you may hear when you say “I dreamed about so and so last night” and the reply “yeah? ”, such replies really display a basic lack of knowledge of dreams and what they are all about. These other people haven’t magically popped into your head of their own will – you are imagining them through a dream.

For example, if you’re afraid of losing your job, chances are you will not see yourself thinking about that in the dream.

You could even have the famous dream of losing an important exam. If you feel guilty for the things you did against your values, culture or religion, you may dream that you’re falling.

A dream about anger may symbolize frustrations or disappointments in yourself or some aspect of waking life.

You may be angry at or blaming yourself for negative outcomes and experiences that you are not consciously acknowledging.