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Dating in french translation

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Here are some key French words and phrases related to love, friendship, and special occasions.Click on the link to hear the word or phrase pronounced.You have to think about this difference when translating from French to English to make sure you translate correctly. For example, J’ai un petit creux, which literally translates as “I have a little hollow,” actually means “I’m a little hungry.” Accents are very important in French.They have several purposes, and leaving one off in your writing is a spelling mistake at best and a source of confusion at worst.

Do not capitalize these words when they represent a point of the compass, a direction or a part of a building or other entity: See also 4.03 Personal names(d).

Check out this list of French terms of endearment to use with your loved ones (both romantic and familial).

For the most part, these all mean something along the lines of "sweetie," "darling," or "poppet," so I've provided the literal translations as well as a few notes (in parentheses).

You can also hear many of these in this video: Terms of endearment.

(my) have to agree with the gender of the term of endearment—not your own gender nor necessarily that of the person you're talking to/about.