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I met the Brazilian in line for a film screening while visiting Manhattan from San Francisco.

I was convinced I'd found my ideal man: intellectual, witty, artistic, and .

Here, I decode the telltale signs of a guy who seems nice but is actually an emotional land mine just waiting for you to step on him! When you tell him a cool story about how this man sent a nice email complimenting something you did at work, he says, "He's probably hitting on you." Sure, being hit on sometimes can be flattering and whatever, and he probably the subtext of this remark is "ur so hot!

" but what he's actually saying is "no male human would ever say something nice to you unless it was because he wanted to put his penis near your body." 2.

It might be hard to tell, especially when the only time he calls is at AM after a night at the club. You drink your coffee in the morning and think, When you go out, he treats service personnel like they are his personal slaves.

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“If he’s not calling you, it’s because you are not on his mind.

If he creates expectations for you, and then doesn’t follow through on little things, he will do same for big things. And to think, I first wanted to date your brother.5.

Are you trying to figure out if he's a jerk or just misunderstood? Maybe he refers to women as "bitches" and "hoes" in front of you.

Here are four tell-tale signs that the man you're dating might be an assh*le. Or perhaps he didn't call after your first date, even though he gave off all the signs that he was really into you.2. He might leave you wondering if he cares about you, or just wants to have sex with you.