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Hull received a patent for his amplified peg (Ampeg) design in November 1947 and began manufacturing them in New Jersey with his new partner, Stanley Michael.

More important, it gave the then-nine-year-old electric bass guitar its first true voice: fat and fundamental, thanks to the warmth of six tubes and a tuned, closed-back cabinet.

Oliver also borrowed a design from an old sewing machine where the unit would flip out of the cabinet.

The 1969 Summer of Love is often remembered as a time of classic music, flower power, and few inhibitions, all of which was epitomized by the 3-day Woodstock Music & Art Fair.

Part 1 deals with what “the sound” is and how to get it, while Part 2 goes into detail about identifying the date of your gear.

Hey Zach, I’ve got an Ampeg B-15, serial number 0137XX, and I suspect it is from the mid 1960s.