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Films are being made about it, magazine articles are being written about it, the list really does go on.

Darkcavern chat not working

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Before continuing south, turn to the left and follow it to find a switch.

Push it to remove the gate then backtrack and cross the green field. In this room, summon the dead lords and trigger the switches in the upper ledge.

The chatter wakes me up and the easy listening infuriates me.

My recipe for getting up and not hitting the sleep button.

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It would be a good idea to stock up on supplies and weapons because the Psychameron won't be easy.

When you're done with supply collecting, fast-travel to the Gilded Arena and enter the door leading to the stairwell. If it's locked, just wait for a few seconds and it will open. Order one of your dead lords and activate the plate across the chasm.

Proceed to the arena itself for a scene and for you to travel to the Psychameron. Before placing them on the pressure plates, step on the platform and order them to step on both plates to raise it. Once the dead lord is securely strapped there, jump to the chasm and use deathgrip to pull yourself towards him. Look down the chasm to find another pressure plate there.

“I thought the working conditions were pretty shocking, coming from Europe,” said Newman, a 19-year-old Briton.

“It’s quite humbling, actually seeing what they do on a daily basis.”British tourist Charles Newman is shown with miners deep inside a suffocating cavern in the Rich Mountain in Potosi, Bolivia.