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In CFEngine Enterprise, the hub has a more complex role, acting also as an aggregator of data from the clients, for the purposes of reporting and analysis.

All CFEngine clients will copy to their local in the policy hub, so that is where you should make any changes that you want distributed to all the machines.

This happens especially if what I have created/updated is in a subdirectory under ./masterfiles.

I have checked with tcpdump that each client is in fact communicating with the master server via the cfengine port (5308) every 5 minutes.

My problem: cfengine3 policies are manually created/updated on the server (policy hub), and the clients regularly (every ~ 5 minutes) pull those from the server:/var/cfengine/masterfiles to their respective someclient:/var/cfengine/inputs (as they should). An updated file in the server may not be reflected in the clients until a good while later.

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If we make a mistake and break the syntax, / are still in pristine state.If you do, you can break the whole 4 # CFEngine infrastructure as and is the "failsafe" to restore things back into a working 5 # state.With a broken or, you will be touching boxes manually 6 # to recover.The one reason I can think off the top of my head is that the clocks between the systems are out of sync. Search for cf_promises_validated at which may give you some resources. You mentioned you just upgraded your CFEngine to 3.3.1.Check /var/cfengine/inputs/cf_promises_validated - this file is populated with the last time the promises were checked on the server, and the clients reload their local policies using this timestamp. After making hosts listen to the same ntp server now they are totally in sync and the files get copied timely. You can should be able to update your failsafe or update policy to use digest since now cf_promises_validated now contains a timestamp instead of relying on the mtime of the file. There is a new timestamp in /var/cfengine/masterfiles/cf_promises_validated in 3.3.1 (previous version is a blank file I guessed) which means we can just change a way to copy the file from "mtime" to "digest" in your current to avoid system clock problem. You can also delete the cf_promises_validated file in /var/cfengine/inputs on the remote agent.But my requirement is, the policy is applicable for only one client from the 10, how could the particular client only pull the policies and execute it.