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It works great with other lubricants as well, if you need additional lubrication during sex.I wouldn’t recommend doing your application of Rep Hresh right before your getting ready to have sex.I’ve found it to be a little too gooey when done right before you have sex. It gives you lubrication during sex, restores the vagina’s natural moisture and helps balance the PH in the vagina.An unbalanced PH can cause vaginal odor, and make you more prone to vaginal infections (yeast, bacterial, etc.) Rep Hresh comes in a pre-filled applicator in gel form, so you don’t have to deal with the mess of a cream. With clean hands, unwrap the package and shake the applicator a few times to help get the Rep Hresh heading towards the end of the tube. Next, you twist the little cap off at the thin end of the applicator.Certo Che e` cosi,le ragazze dell`est Russe Rumene ed Ukraine sono tutte delle gran fighe e troie,e lo succhiano per poco.